Meet a participant

Lujayn had an exciting and successful experience!

Lujayn was a participant in a Game Girl Workshop in Anabta, Palestine. She was a programmer on the team who were proud to create their fun, frightful game,
Find Me.

Meet a game

Find Me is a game about finding a character in a crowd. At first glance, it presents as a typical game of remembering and finding the right person in a crowd.
But after playing a while longer, you have the feeling that the person is really lost.
This emerges from their combination of the cute art style and frightful music.

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Meet a work group

Game development is as interactive as the medium itself. So as much as Game Girl Workshop is about learning new technical skills, it is also about working in a team to create a shared vision. We often have at least two participants in the same role in each group: Two programmers, two graphic artists, etc. The girls find that it is easier and more fun to have someone to learn- and to discuss with! As the girls learn together, they also learn to collaborate, to give up ideas that don’t fit, and to put forward and build on each other’s ideas.

This is the Find Me team with their brainstorming poster.

Programming: Lujayn, Razan
Audio: Rozan, Razan
Graphic Design: Raneen, Dana

The teaching team

Nevin Eronde

Audio Teacher and founder

Andrea Brasch

Facilitator and Founder

Linda Randazzo

Programming teacher

Brie Code

Programming teacher

Jennifer Randazzo

Programming Teacher

Ene Esgaard

Graphics Teacher