We spent a month in Palestine, starting out in Ramallah, then traveling to Tulkarem and finally ending up in Nablus. In each city we held a workshop. The interesting thing about the games developed in Palestine was their metaphorical content, almost allegorical. Each game had an archetype character, like a farmer or a fisherman. When we asked the participants why they did not have any females in their games (none of the games had any), they answered ‘that it was because men could go out in the world and be active, whereas women could not’.

The girls, who had very little or no previous experiences with creating anything on the computer, had a very intuitive feeling of how they wanted it to look and sound.

Many of the girls from the Nablus refugee camp, were dealing with post traumatic stress syndrome – which made it hard for them to focus and an even bigger achievement to finish a game.

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