Andrea Hasselager (co-founder) is educated from Miami Ad School, US, as a copywriter and later received her diploma from the IT-University of Copenhagen. She has worked in ad agencies all over the world and currently works as an artist and game designer. Among her more recent works are Find Olena, an interactive story about trafficking of women, and Jumping Suzy, a game about the Nordic countries’ fruits and vegetables.  (


Nevin Erönde (co-founder) started studying classical music at Aalborg University, but soon became fascinated by electronic music, in particular music and sounds for computer games. Which made her move to Manchester in the UK to study music production.  After finishing her studies in the UK, she started working as a freelance audio designer, creating content for various games and platforms. She is currently working as a software test engineer at Unity Technologies, where one of her specialities is audio. Her recent works can be heard on the following games: Neon Zone and The Silent Age Game. (